Release of CmdStan 2.29.1

With the help of our users we have identified a few issues with the latest release which is why we have just released CmdStan 2.29.1. The issues that were identified and fixed for this patch release are given below. If you have not experienced any issues compiling your models with the 2.29.0 release, there is no need to upgrade from the 2.29.0 release. For details see below.

We would like to thank Aki Vehtari and Daniel Sabanes Bove for reporting the issues as well as Steve Bronder, Brian Ward and Rok Češnovar for addressing them.

We would also like to thank the Flatiron Institute. Beginning with this release, they are providing us with the computing resources to run unit tests and build scripts for our repositories.

Addressed bugs

– Some models failed to compile when using the `–O1` or `–Oexperimental` optimization flag. This was related to the Struct of Array/ Array of Struct optimization.

– A bug with `to_matrix(row_vector)` and `to_matrix(vector)` that caused compile-time issues when the result was not stored in a temporary variable and was supplied to a user-defined function.

– Auto formatting appended an unnecessary `|` for distributions with a single argument.

– Stanc previously allowed erroneously assigning functions to different functions name using =, which then failed in C++ compilation.

Other improvements

– Nonlinear transforms of the LHS of a tilde statement now produce warnings in pedantic mode.

– Improved type error messages for operators and tilde statements.

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