The Stan Blog: an experiment


Welcome to the Stan blog! The point of this blog is to provide a place for informal Stan-related posts that aren’t served by the other communication channels we have.

We currently don’t have a place to post informal communications that are not meant to be a conversation (forums), not meant to be a chat (Slack), and not meant to be official documentation (doc or wiki). It’d be great to see tutorials, different models, ideas that aren’t quite ready to be a case study, or even struggles and victories in one place.

I’m starting this blog as an experiment. I’m hoping that people would be interested in posting and reading about Stan.

Who Can Post?

You can post here as long as you agree to a few conditions:

  1. Please stay on-topic. Your post has to be related to Stan somehow.
  2. Be kind. You agree to NumFOCUS’s Code of Conduct.

We’re also happy to reblog your post if it meets those criteria.

Posting Privileges

If you’d like to post, please reach me, Daniel Lee, in any of these ways:

  1. DM me on the Stan Forums
  2. Contact me on Twitter
  3. Email me (you’ll need to take a space out of the email address)
  4. Comment on this post
  5. Send me a message on LinkedIn
  6. Flag me down in the street

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