Stan Algorithms: Where to Start?

Originally published here: We’re starting the work that’s involved with Reimplementing the Inference Algorithms in Stan. Before we can get to any reimplementation, we need to understand what’s going on. The first steps are to identify the entry point into the code, instantiate the existing tests, and take inventory of what’s there. I have Michael … Continue reading Stan Algorithms: Where to Start?

Reimplementing the Inference Algorithms in Stan

I’ve wanted to rewrite the inference algorithms in Stan for many years. It’s one of those things that was never urgent enough to warrant the effort, but entering 2022, I have some spare time that I will dedicate to this project. (Also, publicly writing this down will force me to work on it.) Photo by … Continue reading Reimplementing the Inference Algorithms in Stan

Stan needs your help: Writing and fixing documentation

Are you using Stan for your everyday work, study or fun? Have you wondered how you could help or give back to the open source project? Here is one opportunity if you can spare an hour or two. You are most likely aware of the Stan's User Guide, Reference Manual and Functions Reference and how … Continue reading Stan needs your help: Writing and fixing documentation